Fear And Loathing in Holyoke

2011/10/02 in Elections, H.U.S.H., Holyoke, Mayor, Politics

I got a letter from the mayor, it said I was a sucker:

The Pluta has awakened!  The low road has been navigated.  I have been following Holyoke politics for two decades and I have seen some absurd shit but this bulk mailing is near tops in my book.  I’d call this woman a bitch but I’d be being too kind.  Elaine was indeed born from the seed of a dragon and nurtured in the womb of damnation.

This letter is xenophobia and fear-mongering at its best.  At worst it is an obvious grasping at straws.  You must be really scared.  Good, you should be…  Fear of  “outsiders” and “no idea what their agenda is”?   [fill in the blank]-agenda is only a thinly veiled politically-correct way to play the homophobia card.    Also, along with the letter perhaps you should have included some data or a link to a website where recipients of your propaganda could verify for themselves.  As well, your campaign money should be revealed alongside.  Where does your money come from?  Are you getting contributions from casino developers?  From the Mormon church?

H.L. Mencken once said: “Democracy is the pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.

I agree, and Elaine obviously does in order to have employed this tactic.

Elaine, it is time to retire…  we all know that you are only running to get that third year of pay to inflate your retirement package.

Image of Elaine Pluta found on Facebook



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  1. Wow this was an actual letter?
    This is what is running our city – that is very scary.

    • Yes. There is another letter I will post later. Seems that she has different letters. Ward 7 is strongly anti-casino so they got the “fear outsider / agenda money” version. The rest of the city appears to have received a “we might lose a five start resort casino / 2,000 jobs / tax revenue” version.

      If you hear or see anything different please let me know.

      Thanks for commenting.

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