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Pants on Fire

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Lies, Damn Lies and Chickens

(Yogi Vega offers his effluence to be dined upon by the cult of Vega)

I checked my email and low and behold I discover that there is an email from Aaron Vega calling me a liar!  He was referencing this post in his email.

He said:

from    Aaron Vega
to    pronoblem
date    Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 5:01 PM
subject    just for the record

Hello pronoblem

Just for the record I did vote for the chicken ordinance to go to committee – 1 of 3 or possibly 4 that did – I would have to look back to check.  I also publicly said in council that the conversation should be held and public comment should be welcome.  You can criticize me all you want just don’t spreads lies. Thank you.

Love the use of the GD bears on your endorsement flyer for DB – nice touch.

Good luck to you on your new h.u.s.h. endeavor.

Aaron Vega
Holyoke City Councilor at Large

“Moving Holyoke Forward”

Smarmy!  To which I replied:

Not lies at all…   I had conversations with you.  You seemed to not support the idea …  said you were not sure as to the benefit of the ordinance to the city.  On further inquiry you said that you did not know facts concerning and that it was up to other councilors to educate you.  Then, after the fact, that “Holyoke is not ready”.  Seems like newspeak to me…  and that you did not support, thus helped it fail.  This is all editorial, if you do not agree, log in and comment.

Aaron replied:

Thank you pronoblem.

That’s it?  Sure, the post he referenced does say “before it went to committee” and he did vote for it to go to committee.  So he’s calling me a liar because he claims that he did vote for it to go to committee.  My point in the post that he references was that he helped it fail because he was not behind it regardless of that vote.  He opposed it before it was to go to committee.  He never supported it.  He was outspoken against it.  So, in not supporting it he helped it fail at whatever point it did fail in the process.

I sent another reply asking him to explain how my statement was a lie.  I heard no response.   I will post here my thoughts on this one.

Councilor Vega did have a post on his website explaining his position on the chicken order prior to its failure.  That post is now gone.  I could not find his website archived at but I was able to find the full story copy-and-pasted and some commentary at our sister site C.R.U.S.H located here (see page 2 of comments) and here.  (I did add his site to so that there will be snapshots made so that in the future such nonsense will be avoided) Aaron’s words:

Chickens In Holyoke

This has been the hot topic now for some weeks in Holyoke. I have answered many e-mails and phone calls regarding the issue.

Here is my e-mail response.

First, let me say that I am in favor of a local food movement, better access to food, urban farming and other forward thinking ideas around food. There are many examples across the country of how local food movements improve local economy, health and communities. The idea of keeping chickens for personal use is one aspect of an urban food plan. My main objection to the “chicken order” is that there is no current plan about how local urban farming could benefit Holyoke. The chicken topic is just the beginning of a conversation happening around the building and implementation of a local food movement. We have no way to enforce the conditions that would be put on such an order and no way to deal with folks who did not follow the order correctly.

I would be in favor of community gardens having chickens. I would also be in favor of chickens living in any properly zoned farming areas such as Nuestras Raices or out in West Holyoke.

As of now, I will not be supporting this order as I do not feel Holyoke is ready to properly deal with chickens throughout the city.

If you have any other questions or comments feel free to contact me.

Aaron Vega

So, Aaron, where exactly did I lie and how did you support it?  Was it when you said: “I will not be supporting this order”? 

Your public statement is not one of support at all.  In this statement and our conversations on the subject mano y mano why did you plead ignorance to what benefit it had?  You told me that it was up to the other councilors to educate you?  So, you do not do independent research of your own with any subject that is voted on and instead you simply rely on whatever words are said in council to base your decisions?  Absurd.  I will tell you what the obvious benefit is: empowering people.

Why did you say that we had no way to enforce the rules?  The order that was in the works could have established a trial of a small number of coops, volunteer members from the community to inspect them, an annual license fee, new hen fees and fines worked into it so that there would be no stress on the Health Department resources.  As well, for those that were not able or willing to comply, the ability to revoke the license.  I should add, as a senior medic when I was in the Army I was a health inspector.  I was in line to volunteer for this role.

Following up the lack of benefit and impossibility claims you state that “Holyoke is not ready”.  This is a statement that implies that the citizens of Holyoke and the leadership that  you are working with are incapable.  Nice work.

Ultimately the chicken debate was not that important to me personally.    Sure, I would have volunteered in the effort but I had no designs on owning any.  However, the dialog does serve as a litmus test to see who is working for the people and who is not…  You failed miserably.

Calling my claim that you did not support the order a lie is another lie.  Unless you want to now twist your words to make us think that you were somehow in support; then please do so.  I’d love to hear it.  It would take a master yogi to accomplish that task.