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2011/10/16 in Activism, Holyoke, Mailbag, Press, Youth

Creating A Safe Space For Teens in Holyoke

Rob & Leidy Deza are a couple that took the decision to return back to Holyoke, and not just to live in this city but also to be active members of the community in efforts to change society by creating a possitive influence that is genuine and real. They are doing so via their efforts in organizing what has been called the Unrestrained Youth Group.

Today the [UYG] has reached a number of 32 active youth who meet at 7pm every Friday in different homes thoughtout the Holyoke community to discuss strong issues of interest to all the youth and they themselves decide on the topic of each week.

You might know Rob Deza from his photography work in Holyoke.  His wife Leidy is a UMass graduate in Neuroscience who works at Baystate Hospital.

If you are a teen or know someone that might be interested in [UYG] please contact Rob and Leidy Deza.

email: robdezaphoto@gmail.com

Or call: Rob Deza  413-847-0611 Leidy Deza   413-397-3027

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