Alex Morse Speaks at the Artist Forum

2011/10/24 in Alex Morse, Art, Development, Elections, H.U.S.H., Holyoke, Jobs, Mayor, Politics

Destination Holyoke.

A view of Race Street during a combined PCS80 and Parsons Hall Project Space Event

As mentioned in a previous post Dean Nimmer organized a meeting with Holyoke artists to discuss the city’s commitment to the arts and the possibilities of a “SOHO effect” of revitalization via the arts here in our city.  Alex Morse did seem to say what the group wanted to hear and he appears to have an understanding of the importance of an art community to urban success from his work in downtown Providence RI; a city that has seen much of its revival via public art and projects like AS220.  From my perspective, the group that was in that room witnessing tonight’s event makes up one of the cities greatest assets.  These folks have invested a lot of resources and sweat equity into the development of a downtown destination for artist in work spaces and for the public with open studios and galley / performance events.  It only makes sense that the city should work with a group that has had such great results with their successful DIY efforts at making Holyoke a cultural destination.

Full Audio of the event.

Thanks to Dean for organizing, thanks to Scott for use of the space and thanks to Alex for being there.

On Sunday October 30 at 6 pm the forum will conclude with a visit from Mayor Elaine Pluta

Audio quality is not the best…  there was no PA or audience mics and some environmental noise that needed removal.  I did the best I could with my field recorder and software – sound improves a lot after the heating system in the room shuts off.


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  1. Thanks James for recording the event as well as providing your own insights into the conversation that helped make this a meaningful discussion focused on the role of the arts in the revitalization of Holyoke. I’m glad that we had such a good turnout for this first meeting, and I hope that we can get as many or more people to come to our discussion with Mayor Pluta this coming Sunday (October 30) at 6pm in the “Wauregan” building, (across from the Canal gallery), 418 Dwight Street. The meeting is on the 1st floor – enter from the parking lot on Dwight St.

    We want to be sure that both candidates understand that the artist’s community in Holyoke is an energized, forward-looking group that can make a substantial contribution to the future prosperity of this city if they are recognized and supported in achieving these goals.
    Dean Nimmer

  2. Octavia mentioned public art via tax or private construction projects. I mentioned Seattle as an example. There are some cities that require construction projects of a certain size to create funding for art as part of the project. This is the reason that Seattle’s Safeco Field has the Art in the Park Museum.

    Seattle’s public art ordinace.

    Mariner’s Art in the Park.

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