Meanwhile, in Holyoke…

2012/07/06 in Absurd, Fire, HFD, Holyoke, Sexism, Shame

Holyoke has had its ups and downs.  Now it hits a new all-time low.
Here city property is used to objectify women:


(HFD as photo-shoot location for a “sports fitness” magazine)

Who is the knuckle-dragging moran moron who thought that this was a good idea?  Seriously, is the HFD a group of professionals or not?  Beyond the fact that misogyny as portrayed here is simply absurd in our culture and this day in age; it is really sad to see this kind of bullshit going on to tarnish this organization and our city.  VERY BAD MOVE.  Shame on you.  This is private use of public space, which is a definite violation.  Regardless if one might think objectification of women is some sort of politically correct sensibility this is not proper behavior at a fire station as we hold such public servants to a standard of morality that this violates. HFD is supposed to be institution of integrity and a symbol of responsibility.   I say good riddance to whoever allowed this to happen.

To the rest of HFD that did not take part in this, thanks for your service.

Tim Moran is now gone as a result of all this and over at the Masslive forums & article comments the poo-flingers are saying that this was “political” because of the Pluta-Moran connection and, get this, because the mayor would have been fine with it had it been homoerotic beefcake instead of bikini-clad girls.

Sometimes I wish that that there was some sort of leviathan living in the canals that we could feed all these idiots to.

..and, meanwhile, at the HPD photo-shoot:

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