Welcome to H.U.S.H.

(H.U.S.H. is not a dating website)

H.U.S.H. was created in the vacuum that is the City of Holyoke’s lack of political commentary and humor.  For decades Holyoke has existed as a never-ending cob-wheel of uptight, prudish and humorless hacks that are its government and its media partners.  H.U.S.H. is a group of concerned citizens that desire to facilitate change in Holyoke directly by using art, humor and sincere commentary.  Inspired by past political art movements like Dada, Surrealist, Punk, Futurism, Bizarro, Situationist and the Bouzingo we endeavor to expose the truth and the absurdity of our fair city through a creative process.  We love Holyoke but we do believe that this city is in need of an enema.

H.U.S.H. is an open forum that allows for subscription and contribution and is open to registration to the site so that users may create content, upload photos, upload video, organize groups, create events and provide commentary.  We solicit you to be creative and provide us with your views from the underground. Non-residents that work, play, grew up, do business, have family or own property in Holyoke are welcome.  Content does not need to be entirely directed at Holyoke and its issues.  Personal projects are welcome and so is any form of activism that occurs outside of Holyoke.

H.U.S.H. is decidedly a leftist / anarchist organization.  H.U.S.H. is pro-community.  H.U.S.H. is pro-civil rights.  H.U.S.H. is pro-gay rights.  H.U.S.H. is pro-feminist.  H.U.S.H. is anti-consumer.  H.U.S.H. is pro-conservation. H.U.S.H. is anti-war. H.U.S.H. is pro-permaculture.   H.U.S.H. is anti-poverty.  H.U.S.H. is anti-casino.  H.U.S.H. anti-racism.  H.U.S.H. is pro-public media. H.U.S.H. is anti-gentrification.  H.U.S.H. is pro-empowerment. H.U.S.H. is pro-Holyoke.

H.U.S.H. is working with the the gloves on…  we support groups like Bring Your Own Restaurant, Trash Bash, KPAO!, the various artists in the community and the dissidents that object to the failure of our government.

In all of this, we do desire to look at things without getting caught up in the the process.  Political candidates and incumbents are discouraged from joining.  Sorry, but your “work” is only subject matter for ours.

H.U.S.H. is not an alternative to anything.  H.U.S.H. exists on its own as a place where artists and critics may address the issues openly.  Participation from other groups in the city like C.R.U.S.H., the Holyoke Artist League, Tax Payers Association, Chamber of Commerce and the Friends of the Library are welcome.  We want to work in tandem with all of Holyoke’s assets that have members working to improve our fair city.

If you don’t like what we do…  eat a poopie.

Peace, Love and Holyoke.

P.S. HUSH does have a secure, private and non-archived email listserve to notify and mobilize members when issues arise.  If you would like to get involved with activism and political action in Holyoke then please contact me.

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