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Tomorrow’s Primary

2014/09/08 in Alex Morse, Casino, Democrats, DNC, Elections, Politics, Vega

As a registered Independent and being anti-DNC/RNC duopoly I will still be voting on the DNC ballot tomorrow because of a few important issues, lack of alternatives and to vote against two candidates.

Issues that I found important this election are anti-casino, increased arts & cultural funding, reducing charter schools, ending the school to prison pipeline, pro-immigration, opposition to the Kinder Morgan gas pipeline, and a desire for drug policy reform.  Where I found candidates that were similar I chose based on experience and diversity.

My choices for tomorrow:

US Senate: EDWARD J. MARKEY or leave blank – unopposed
Lt Governor: MICHAEL E. LAKE
Attorney General: MAURA HEALEY
Sec of State: WILLIAM FRANCIS GALVIN – unopposed
Auditor: SUZANNE M. BUMP – unopposed   
US Rep: Write-in anyone but Neal – unopposed
Gov Council: Write-in anyone but Albano – unopposed
State Rep: AARON VEGA – unopposed
Register of Probate: GALE D. CANDARAS – unopposed

As far as who to vote against, Shawn Allyn:  He represents “Old Holyoke” at its worst.  His first job out of law school was into the city law offices due to his Whelihan family connections and since leaving that office with his now ex-wife (Lisa Ball, city solicitor under Mayor Pluta) he’s made a cottage industry out of suing the city of Holyoke.  I am a bit surprised by some of the support I have seen thrown his way, particularly in letters sent to many registered D in the city, beyond the cronyism and the lawsuits he just simply does not have the pedigree to be a DA.  Anyone but him, but Vottero is a great choice for this spot.

Martha Coakley: Well, her casino position is indeed problematic and initially rejecting the ballot question is an affront to the democratic process. She also has proven herself to be “tough on crime” – from proposing a bill that would expand warrant-less wiretapping; to her commentary on the Aaron Schwartz case; to when just starting out as Middlesex County’s DA in 1999 pursuing the Amirault family long after every sane person realized that it was a witch-hunt. If you thought that George Bush was a decent president then maybe she’s for you. I’d love to see a woman hold the reigns in Boston, but certainly not her.

The Hegemony Anoints its Oligarch

2012/11/07 in Axis Mundi, Capitalism, Democrats, DNC, H.U.S.H., Obama, Occupy, Republicans, Socialism, Terror

Obama is Now a 2nd Term Wall Street Puppet.

Now that it is over, leftists / Greens / socialists / progressives want to know about several issues: Austerity, Social Security Cuts, Wealth Disparity, Mountain Top Removal Mining, Off Shore Drilling, Keystone Pipeline, Fracking, Current Energy Policy in Terms of  Recent Climate Change Disasters, Civil Liberties Violations, Whistleblower Persecution, Criminalization of Dissent, Wars Upon Wars Followed by More Wars, Cyber Attacks, Drone Strike Terrorism, Drone Activity in Violation of Sovereign Airspace, Neoliberal Education Policies, School Privatization, Starvation as a Weapon, Mortgaging of Haiti to Monsanto, Monsanto Control over the USDA, Every Increasing Military Budget, Modernization of Our Nuclear Arsenal, Guantanamo Bay, Extraordinary Rendition, Dick Waving With China, CIA Drug Trade, ATF Fast and Furious, Extrajudicial Assassination of US Citizens, Indefinite Detention, Unprecedented Deportations, Records Profit for Oil Industry and Military Industrial.  Now that Democrats have 4 more years of the President they want — we need to know: Will they finally start opposing his most odious and immoral policies, or has the Democrats embraced these Horrors as party platform?

If Democrat Voters actually disapprove of these policies, can they influence those in power?  Most likely not, voters are not those who power answers to.  The ones that influence policy are the ones that benefit from the previously listed policies.

If Democrats were smart, they would play the same game.  Get rich and BUY your vote instead of casting it.  Play the Wall Street game, invest all that you own then play the market based on the whims of the oligarchs to make a fortune.  This is the American Way™.  Today’s stock tips: Exxon, Shell, DynCorp, Goldman Sachs, General Atomics (drones), Raytheon (Tomahawk Missile) and Monsanto. Gold is still a short term buy. Might as well consider corn and grain futures for long-term, regardless of the Obama win… with China demand on grain and ethanol / feed for corn the long-term is looking good as the drought will extend to the next few years since we are beyond the carbon tipping point.

For those Capitalists that want to measure Obama in terms of prosperity, wealth and that beloved “growth” you should check out these numbers – Obama certainly did perform well for corporate and investor profits (sourced from Motley Fool):

1. Stock market performance

This is the inflation-adjusted, dividend-adjusted, performance of the S&P 500:

2. Corporate profits

A word here: Corporate profits were incredibly depressed from the financial crisis in January 2009, when President Obama entered office. That low starting point makes growth through today look massive. If, instead of January 2009, you use January 2008 profit levels as a starting base, average annual corporate profit growth under President Obama is 6.8%.

3. Real GDP per capita
This measures growth of the entire economy adjusted for the size of the population:

Another note here: World War II spending was near a peak when President Roosevelt passed away in 1945, boosting the economy and annual growth. Real GDP fell 12% between 1945 and 1947 as wartime spending tapered off.

4. Inflation

5. Unemployment rate

This is the change in the unemployment rate during presidential terms (or through September for President Obama), measured in percentage points. Unemployment is measured by a yearly average before 1955; after, it is measured on a monthly basis.


Convention is Over. Everyone, Back to War… I Mean Work!

2012/09/08 in Absurd, DNC, Elections, Lies, Politics, POTUS, Shame, War


Below, the September 6th aired CNN interview where Obama discusses the Kill List and Rule of Law surrounding it.  FYI: When someone says “what is true,…” it means something is no doubt concealed.  Surprisingly, he actually responds directly to the question “Are the standards different when the target is an American?” with a confirmation that the Constitution will not protect a citizen if he deems them to be a threat – no jury, no trial, skip directly to death penalty.  The only reason that the Republicrats are not impeaching him now is due to the fact that this is BIG BUSINESS and they do not want to seem soft on killing brown people that don’t speak English and worship false gods.  USA! USA! USA!

Please, write your Senator, Representative and the President to express your condemnation to this barbarism.