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The Dan Bresnahan Quote a Day Calender:

 No desk will be complete without the hilarity of Holyoke’s own Cicero and his ever so precious accidental humor that he provides us.  This desk calendar has a quote on every page for a year’s worth of sidesplitting laughter (or, absolutely depressing tragedy since he somehow IS part of our representative government).  Keep one at your home and office for that perfect reminder : Thank god I am not related to that  asshat.

Good for laughs, that is about all.

Some Sample Gems:

10/23: “We should stop caring about the poor and the sick.”

4/22: “We need to start teaching our kids about their internal organs.

10/1: “What’s this Bicycle Master Fucking Plan?”

8/11: “Can I get two shots of Jägermeister? I am on my way to city hall and I am in kinda a rush.”

2/13: “After the chickens are gone, the predators that came down from the mountain will start attacking our children!

7/4: “What has two thumbs and thinks preggos are hot?”

12/3: “Who doesn’t like David Lee Roth?”

1/20: “There’s more actors running around here than in Hollywood.

11/22: “Let’s re-talk about this.”

10/2: “If you smell garlic it is me, there is no doubt about it.

5/15: “Through the roof!”

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Show your true feelings about the Election to End All Elections:

The most money ever spent in history to attain the job of CEO and Chief Executioner of the free-world.  On the left we have Obama – bloody warlord and imperialist  puppet.  On the right we have Romney – rich opportunist who wants to bring about end times and who lusts to serve the same masters that put Obama in power.  Don’t be fooled.  These folks are two sides of the same coin.  I know…  gay rights, women’s health, 2nd Amendment, supreme court appointments, blah, blah.  Those emotional arguments are only there to make you feel you that you have a choice and to fool you into thinking that you have a job to do by voting against your least favorite stooge when you go to the polls.  In the end it is the same result.  We inch farther and farther to the right, increasing the wealth gap and continuing corporate contracts via US Imperialism and its death, destruction and pollution around the globe.  WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!  We don’t need a “Third Party” we need an alternative to the system that refuses to serve us and we need to end US Imperialism…for the sake of this country, this planet and the human species at large.

The USA has killed more people SINCE WWII than died in the Holocaust.  Poverty in the USA is at its highest now than since 1960.  Human-Induced Global Warming is a reality.  We have done almost nothing to liberate ourselves from petroleum and Middle East politics.  Rates for cancer and environmental influenced disease continue to rise.  It will only get worse and our current way of life is certainly not sustainable or just.  The USA is the new Rome and we are now seeing its death throws.  Be prepared for more turmoil, division, violence, injustice and racial & religious extremism unless we take this train off the rails.  We need real hope and change not another corporate funded suit from the same folks that brought us the last one.

If you want to make a difference never vote RNC/DNC again.  HUSH supports Stewart Alexander or Jill Stein.

2012 Bitt W Obomney Vinyl Weatherproof Bumper Stickers
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Cultural Capitalism

Be a part of it:

HUSH is proud to offer these beautiful free trade organic shade grown vegan silicon bracelets made right here in the USA at a union shop using 100% renewable energy and available exclusively via HUSH.


In today’s world you cannot just do your part, you need to display it for all the world to see.  Caring, charity, giving, must always go hand in hand with senseless consumerism.  HUSH has made this all easier for you.  Just buy our tchotchke, you pretend it is supporting whatever cause you want and then we will spend your money in a way that you would most certainly approve of.  These bracelets are a perfect accessory for any attire or occasion and will tell your friends, family and coworkers that you care about important and meaningful stuff.   There is no difficult thought on your part, it is totally guilt free and, best of all, extremely stylish.  Just do it.  I’m lovin’ it.  Be all that you can be.  Capitalismelujah!


Cultural Capitalism.  It is the kinder and gentler form of  consumerism.

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“Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.” ~ Saint Augustine


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For a limited time we are also offering these lovely Che Guevara Yoga Mats.

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